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Only the person who has the original has all the options.

No compromises! You can find the optimal solution for every installation situation and to meet every requirement in the Kermi steel panel radiator range. Regardless of whether in a newbuild or when renovating – radiators need to perfectly fit the installation and living situation. And that only works with a really complete programme like the full product range offered by Kermi. Such a variety of different connections, types and versions is currently not available anywhere else. Or 400 sizes per model range. Choose exactly the right radiator from a total of 6,377,280 different ones to suit every taste and every purpose.

The benefits at a glance

  • All sizes: short or long, low or high, flat or deep
  • All types: Type 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33
  • All front versions: Profile, Plan, Line
  • All connection options: compact version, valve version, centre connection
  • Durable protection through hot-dip galvanised or anti-corrosion coating
  • Hygienic version: the clean solution for special requirements
  • Renovation solutions: quick, clean radiator replacement thanks to DIN connection dimensions
  • Versatile accessories
Why a therm-x2 energy saving radiator?

Illustration of Kermi therm-x2 Technik - the energy-saving radiator

With several unique benefits, the therm-x2 energy saving radiator sets new standards in the steel panel radiator sector. With a heating period for the radiator which is up to 25 % shorter, with up to 100 % more cosy radiant heat and verifiable energy savings potential of up to 11 %, the therm-x2 consistently focuses on energy-efficient heat transfer.

Heating period for radiator reduced by up to 25 %. The forced flow effects a shorter heating cycle, shorter operating times and the valve closes more quickly.

Innovative and patented: the x2 technology.

Success of therm-x2 energy saving radiator is based on the innovative x2-principle of serial flow. While in the existing steel panel radiator technology, all panels are heated concurrently, with the x2-principle, the flow initially only flows through the front panel. This heat output is sufficient during normal operation and the downstream panel only functions as a radiation shield. Only with the increasing need for output it does also contribute towards rapidly heating the room with high convection output.

Increased energy efficiency and decreased losses during distribution and generation due to greater temperature difference between flow and return.


Illustration of Kermi therm-x2 radiator: serial flow

For best energy efficiency. And maximum comfort.

Illustration of radiant heat in Kermi therm-x2 radiator

As shown by qualified, autonomous studies, multi-phase heating of the therm-x2 steel panel radiator not only leads to an energy efficiency level not attained until now and therefore to significant energy saving in comparison to conventional radiators, but also ensures maximum thermal comfort at the same time. This is because the feeling of warmth strongly depends on the respective radiation characteristics of a radiator: even if the room temperature is appropriate, but the radiator is emitting little heat, we subjectively perceive the room to be too cold. The therm-x2 energy-saving radiator prevents this with a significantly increased average surface temperature of the front panel.

Up to 100 % higher radiated portion in the room. Induced by the front plate’s higher mean surface temperature.


Very economical. And thus future-oriented.

A heating system designed to provide optimal energy efficiency, such as the “Kermi heating system x-optimised”, can only take full advantage of its energy benefits if the heat transfer is good as well. With the therm-x2 energy saving radiator, high energy efficiency of modern heat generation can be proven right up to heat transfer. And the innovative x2-technology even goes one decisive step further: it is proven to reduce energy consumption in transfer by up to 11 %! If you consider that 75 % of the energy required in a household is used by the heating alone, the huge savings potential in this area becomes apparent.

With the therm-x2 energy saving radiator, in comparison to conventional radiators, more than 6000 kilowatt hours can be saved per year in an old building. With the same amount of energy, you could bake 6000 cakes, shave 15,600,000 times with an electric razor, wash 6270 loads of washing, or operate a refrigerator for 42 years … and if all 14.5 million detached and two-family houses in Germany were to deploy the innovative x2-technology, then we could save more than 9 billion litres of heating oil! The CO2 emission savings alone would be 24 million tonnes per year.

This high savings potential makes the therm-x2 an extremely practical building block in a future-oriented heating system. And allows you to achieve a lot with relatively little effort. For you yourself and for the environment.

The energy saving radiator of the year

So magnificent. And so versatile.

From the beginning, the innovative x2 technology has been a sensation among heating engineers and users. Now the success story of the Kermi therm-x2 steel panel radiator continues – the jury of the renowned PLUS X AWARD awarded the product series with the PLUS X AWARD 2012 for its excellent characteristics and also with the title “Best product of the year 2012” for functionality, ecology, and quality. Apart from its impressive energy efficiency, it was not least the versatility of the therm-x2 family which particularly impressed the judges.

Whether heat pumps, solar panels or condensing technology: the therm-x2 energy saving radiator is always the right choice when it comes to cosy, heating comfort combined with the best degree of efficiency. It optimally harmonises with any heat source and in heat transfer alone, will save up to an additional 11 % of energy. This makes the therm-x2 a strong component in the “Kermi x-optimised heating system”.

You can save a lot with therm-x2

The first and worldwide only steel panel radiator with serial flow, which saves up to 11 % of energy and simultaneously provides 100 % comfort.

Making use of all important energy savings potential is increasingly becoming absolutely imperative. For this reason, heat pumps, condensing technology, solar panels etc. are the future of energy-efficient heat sources. For the first time now, a unique radiator innovation gives you the opportunity to sensibly and effectively save energy in heat transfer: therm-x2, the only steel panel radiator in the world with patented x2-technology. It optimally harmonises with every heat source and in heat transfer alone, will save up to an additional 11 % of energy. This perfectly completes the energy saving chain.

Flow through a radiator. Explanation of the innovative x2-technology in the Kermi steel panel radiator.

Kermi therm-x2

Kermi therm-x2 comic