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x-change® fresh domestic water heat pump

Highly efficient domestic water heating pump for sustainable, resource-saving domestic water heating The x-change fresh heat pump uses the air (room, extract, or outside air) to heat domestic water. It has a storage capacity of 258 litres and can generate up to 850 litres of hot water in 24 hours. The water is heated up to 62 °C. It is an ideal addition to a solar panel system. Due to the Power-to-Heat principle, part of the self-generated electricity can be used economically to operate the x-change fresh for supplying hot water. The highly efficient domestic water heat pump with a COP value of 2.98 (A15/W55) is ideally for this operating mode.

  • Kermi x-change fresh Trinkwasserwärmepumpe
    • Energy efficiency class A+
    • Safety capacitor, calcification of the capacitor impossible
    • Ø 160 mm duct connections for extract or outside air operation
    • 2-speed fan operation
    • Integrated heat exchanger for solar thermal energy or other heat sources
    • 258 litres glazed steel tank with magnesium anode
    • Polyurethane rigid-foam insulation
    • Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
    • Integrated defrosting with hot gas
    • Integrated 2 kW screw-in radiator
    • Thermal disinfection (anti-legionella bacteria heating program)
    • Use of own solar panel electricity possible

Installer in front of Kermi x-change fresh drinking water heat pump

APF calculator

The Annual COP calculator.

Here you can calculate the annual performance factor of Kermi heat pumps according to VDI 4650.
The APF is the basis for subsidies according to the various market incentive programmes.

For APF calculator

Geothermal collector Kermi x-change heat pump

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