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Design and bathroom radiator
Heating Panels
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Steel panel radiators
Frequently asked questions

Preliminary notes

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. We always strive to put all available information on our products at your disposal.

Please understand that we can not answer any technical questions on your heating system. To do this, an analysis of the problem on location is indispensable. In such cases, please contact a qualified specialist installer.

Dimensions, radiator

You can find this information in the technical documents of the relevant product or in the download area of this website.

Product overview radiator



For this, see the technical documents of the product on this website.

Interchanged connections, BASIC-50 centre connection

With the centre connection of the BASIC-50 design radiator, the connection of the feed and return pipe is not important as there is a block (partition) between the two connections.

Replacement radiator

Conversion, renovation, modernisation – Kermi also offers many different solution options here. You will find further information under the heading Renovation programme on this website.


Renovation solutions

Operating manual / assembly instructions

Refer to the technical documents on the product on this web page


Installation instructions

Fixing points

For this, see the technical documents of the product on this website.

Technical documentation


As an end customer, you can only get our products only from your qualified specialist installer. He shall be glad to make you an offer.

Blanking plug

Blanking plugs are included in the delivery of our radiators.

Flower box / Window sill

There are special attachments for window boxes for on steel panel radiators, convectors and Kermi DECOR. You will find the attachments in the technical documents on the respective product. We do not supply flower boxes or similar covers.

Single pipe heating systems

Single pipe heating systems, radiator with 50 mm centre connection

All radiators with a centre connection can also be operated in single pipe systems. Depending on the design, either a one-pipe radiator valve or a one-pipe radiator valve with a thermostat valve, for example from the eccolution system, is required.

Single pipe system with thermowell valve

Single pipe system with thermowell valve, connection of Kermi radiators

Kermi compact radiators can be connected with the aid of a special separating plug even with a thermowell valve (lancer valve).
The corresponding separating plug for Kermi steel panel radiators is available in accessories. Additional products available on request.

Electrical operation of Kermi design and bathroom radiators

Perfectly equipped to meet every requirement and situation.

Design and bathroom radiators from Kermi are factory-equipped with all popular heat sources, whether oil or gas. If you want to be completely independent of the hot water central heating, choose one of the Kermi models for electric operation. Delivered complete with electronically controlled heating rod, heat transfer liquid and controller. Simply connect to the power supply and feel its benefits. A cost- and time-saving solution primarily for old buildings.

With the new electrical solutions from Kermi, with additional electric operation, you can for example also enjoy perfect heating comfort between the seasons and always when your normal central heating is not enough. And incidentally, you will also always have beautifully warm towels.

If you decide to go for electric operation of design and bathroom radiators, you are deciding in favour of the most advanced technology and ultimate operating convenience. There are four different solutions available to choose from, depending on your tastes and requirements.

Electric solutions

Air vent plug

Air vent plugs are included in the delivery of our radiators.

Colour repairs

The accessories include a touch-up stick (article number ZK00100001 RAL 9016) as well as a spray can 150 ml (article number ZK00160001 RAL 9016) and a can of paint 500 g (article number ZK00090001 RAL 9016) which you can use to touch up minor damage to the paintwork.

You can also buy these parts from your qualified specialist installer or from specialist wholesalers.

Colour, standard colour steel panel radiator

Since October 1997, our steel panel radiators are lacquered in traffic white according to RAL 9016. RAL 9010 was used previously and RAL 9001 until April 1996.

Window niches

Window niches for radiators used to be standard in most houses to install the very deep radiators. This solution is disadvantageous because it impedes convection, i.e. the circulation of warm air. The niche in the wall also weakens the insulation effect of the wall. An additional heat shield on the radiator can be useful.


Towel rail

You can find available accessories in the information of the relevant product of this website.

Radiator is only half warm

If the required room temperature is reached, then don’t worry about this. The thermostat controls the water supply such that this aspect of the radiator occurs in case of partial quantities of water. A remedy is provided by using a radiator with x2-technology where the front panel is flowed through first. The front panel becomes uniformly warm and the rear panel serves as a shield against the cold external wall during the part load operation (90 % of the heating period).
For more detailed information, please contact your heating engineer.

Heat cost allocator

design radiators

Most Kermi design radiators are suitable for recording heating costs using a heating costs allocator. As the positioning of the acquisition devices differ between the manufacturers, please contact the respective manufacturer for the details.

Plan steel panel radiators

In general, plan steel panel radiators can have evaporation counters installed on them. Please contact the manufacturer of the acquisition device on this. As the positioning of the acquisition devices differ between the manufacturers.


Refer to the details in the technical documents on this, therm-x2 steel panel radiator technology.

Technical documentation

radiator version

On the back of the radiator you will find a sticker with the date of manufacture and the type.

Hydraulic balancing

To ensure that the heating system works without any problems, the flow rate of the hot water needs to be adjusted to the heat demand of every individual radiator. Kermi valve radiators are preset in the factory according to the standard heat output of the radiator. This saves energy costs and ensures optimal heating comfort.

Prices of our products

As a consumer, you can only get our products from your qualified specialist installer. He shall be glad to make you an offer. Direct procurement from the factory is not possible.


You can find all information for the relevant product on this website.


Cleaning pipes or ribbed radiators

This radiator can be easily cleaned with special brushes. You can also buy them from your qualified specialist installer or specialist wholesalers.

Cleaning steel panel radiator

Removal of the top grill

Lift the plastic clip of the side panel and unscrew anticlockwise. From BL 1000 onwards with Plan-HK or BL 1400 with Profile-HK remove the retaining bracket from the top cover.

Installation of the top grille is carried out in the reverse order!

Remove a side cover at a slight angle from the radiator (see figure) and remove it from its attachment hooks after lifting the top cover.

Then separate the top cover by lifting it at one side and moving the second side cover.

Cleaning, detergent

According to DIN 55 900 the finished must be cleaned using suitable aqueous household cleaning products. Suitable cleaning agents for paint surfaces are not abrasive and not strongly alkaline or acidic (chemically aggressive).

Dust formation

Dust formation inside the radiators is a natural process, which depends on the circulation of the warmed air. This cannot be prevented technically. Accessible locations should be cleaned periodically.

Radiation shield

A shield should reduce heat radiation to the facade. Material plays a minor role.
It is important that between the radiator and facade an additional air shaft is created and the radiator warmth can get into the room without being impeded.

Technical information

You can find technical information for the relevant product.

Technical information

Valve does not function

For radiators which have not been used for a long time, the tappet may have become stuck due to deposits or the annular gap in the cross section aperture may be shifted by particles. After very long down times, real incrustation can be formed due to the precipitation from substances in the water. It often helps to remove the thermostatic sensor head and to move the tappet several times with an object which is not too hard (handle of hammer). To install it, move the thermostatic sensor head to position 5.

In many cases, the problems can be avoided by turning the radiator thermostats to position 3 in empty apartments. The valve is then kept continuously in motion and deposits can not be formed.
In some cases (heavy incrustation) the only alternative that remains is to replace the valve insert. Then as well it is important to ensure that times where the valve is at a standstill are avoided.

Valve knocks

The valve “tapping” suggests that the feed and return valve on the radiator have been mixed up.

You can check this by allowing the radiator to cool down. If connected correctly, then afterwards when the valve is open, the pipe pointing to the middle should get warm.
If this in not the case, then a reverse manifold needs to be installed.

Please consult a qualified specialist installer.

Specialist partners near you

Valve inserts

You can find out everything you need to know about Kermi valves preset in the factory in the practical valve guidebook in pocket format.

Changing the valve insert

Please contact your qualified specialist installer about this. You can also get relevant spare valves there.

Flow and return interchanged

Please contact your specialist installer. We cannot provide answers concerning systems engineering.

Specialist partners near you

Flow, which side?

See technical document of the relevant product.

Technical documentation

Wall spacing, radiator installation

Refer to the technical documents on the respective product on this web page.

Technical documentation

Heat output/ standard heat output

You can find the heat output of our radiators in the technical information of the relevant product. Kindly note correct selection of temperature pairing when determining the heat output. Determination of the standard heat output according to EN 442 is based on temperature pairing 75/65/20 °C. In practice, lower temperatures are common today. Please contact your specialist installer for the final calculation.

Technical documentation