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Referenz Kermi Produkte - Musikfachschule Plattling

Photo source: Landratsamt Deggendorf / Kermi GmbH

Heat that is perfectly in sync for the Plattling vocational college of music

Anyone who is aiming to complete a professional qualification as a musician at a higher education level or who is interested in taking a degree at a music academy, will find they are at the right place at the Plattling vocational college for music. The college has been in a new building since 2019 where approximately 180 adult students progress through their education and training.

When planning the build, the long, wide corridors posed a challenge: providing an efficient heating solution means these areas should not be heated in an uncontrolled manner; it should be possible to control then according to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). In schools, sound insulation also plays an important role.

The solution was provided by the connection system x-net connect plus, used in combination with the x-net C12 tacker system. Around 2,000 m2 of the x-net C12 tacker plates were used in the school rooms, x-net connect plus was laid in approx. 600 m2 of the corridors.

x-net connect plus systematically guides the supply lines of the underfloor heating distributor in an insulation layer under the screed. The supply lines mean that individually controlled EnEV-compliant heating circuits can be formed – while also meeting the requirements of increased sound insulation according to VDI 4100.

x-net connect plus offers developers an increase in energy efficiency and comfort.

Kermi products:

x-net C12 tacker system

x-net connect plus system

Referenz Kermi Produkte - Highschool Kaiserslautern

 Photo source: Dorsch Gruppe

Highschool Kaiserslautern

As of this year, there is a Highschool for American forces at the US base in Kaiserslautern. Over 700 students in classes 9 to 12 are receiving top class education in the “Kaiserslautern Military Community”. The Federal Building Agency “Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung” was responsible for designing the complex of buildings over an area of 17.200 square metres. The design of the school building is excellent: Individual learning areas as well as sports hall and gymnasium fan out from a central aula which has a stage and gallery.

More than 10.000 square metres of the Kermi x-net knob plate have been installed in the building.

Kermi products:

x-net surface heating

Exterior view of FH Deggendorf, Kermi references (source: FH Deggendorf)Exterior view (long distance) of Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Kermi references (source: Deggendorf Institute of Technology)

Photo source: Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Since 1994, the town of Deggendorf has had a Technical Institute. Between the Danube and the Bavarian Forest a university campus has been created in the classic Greek style. Being small and manageable and having a clear profile are the strengths of the young university in the south-east of Germany. Within a short space in time, the Technical Institute has developed to become one of the best universities in Germany. Here, students from different faculties find an individual and practical education.

With more than 550 radiators, Kermi is ensuring that the learning atmosphere is at a good temperature across the whole university.

Kermi products:  

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Exterior view of Ringschule Frechen, Kermi references (source: V. Oertel)

Photo source: V. Oertel

Community primary school “Ringschule Frechen”

The community primary school “Ringschule” in the town of Frechen was founded in 1911, was expanded in 1995 and in 1998, was adapted by adding a gymnasium to meet the needs of an increasing number of pupils. To realise full day opening, in November 2008 a new-build extension was taken into operation. This new-build provides three group rooms, a homework room, a canteen with a kitchen and rooms for gymnastics and supervisors as well as sanitary facilities. When implementing this measure, special attention was paid to integrating energy-saving and ecological solutions. The new-build is heated/cooled using geothermal energy, i.e. using a geothermal pump.

Kermi has been able to support the energy savings plans of the building owner on this property with underfloor heating which ensures comfortable learning temperatures in the winter and correspondingly cools the room in the summer.

Kermi products:  

x-net surface heating

Exterior view of Deggendorf student campus, Kermi references

Detailed view of radiator at Deggendorf student campus, Kermi references

Photo source: Kermi GmbH

Studentenpark Deggendorf

There are now around 6400 students studying in the university town of Deggendorf. To be able to offer an infrastructure suitable for a university, the Studentenpark Deggendorf has been built. A total of 192 apartments have been built to suit the special requirements of students. The apartments are already furnished and offer an extremely good and above all, quite learning environment. The university and the town centre of Deggendorf can be reached on foot within a few minutes. All apartments have a bathrooms and a kitchenette. A modern and fast link to the Internet guarantees that the students are always in contact with the university.

With a range of radiator versions, Kermi is ensuring there is a comfortable and soothing warmth for the residents in the Studentenpark Deggendorf.

Kermi products:  

therm-x2 steel panel radiators


Exterior view of Anne-Sophie Künzelsau private school, Kermi references (source: Anne-Sophie private school)

Photo source: Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, Künzelsau

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Künzelsau

In September 2008, the Freie Schule Anne-Sophie was able to move into their new building at Taläckern in Künzelsau. The Würth charitable foundation as the benefactor of the Freien Schule Anne-Sophie decided its goal was to give the “School” system a new approach. Here, pupils become learning partners – teachers become learning companions who accompany, support, promote and guide the pupils to learn independently. The basis of the educational concept is to create a good school for the pupils and not the reverse.

The educational approach is also reflected in the architecture of the new-build, where various “learning houses” results in a so-called “learning village” with large free areas offering lots of space for the freedom of movement of the children. The assembly hall, sports hall, swimming pool, library and many other types of room round off the generous facilities the school has to offer. At the Freien Schule Anne-Sophie it is possible to obtain all the school leaving qualifications you can achieve at the state schools. From Hauptschulabschluss to Abitur. There is also the option of full daycare incl. lunch.

In the new-build, Kermi convectors were installed which ensure there is comfortable warmth in the rooms and make it possible to learn in a relaxing atmosphere.

Kermi products: