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The innovative renovation system makes one-pipe heating future-oriented. eccolution, the innovative refurbishment system provides the unique, yet simple solution for the problem case of one-pipe heating during the course of energy-efficient refurbishment. For clean and secured function and optimised system efficiency with energy savings of up to 18 %.

Full power ahead to energy loss
Unrenovated single-pipe heating systems are energy hogs and waste money

The one-pipe system. Problem during renovation.

The possibilities of energy-efficient refurbishment today are more promising
than ever. But what is the point of the most efficient heat source if the savings effect is
lost on its way through the system, as is the case with the one-pipe system:

The one-pipe function deficit:

  • No separate feed and return pipe.
  • Every radiator gets a fixed proportion of the quantity of circulating water.
  • Regardless of the heat demand, the quantity of circulating water always remains the same.
  • The heating pump always runs at maximum output.

The consequences:

  • According to the state of technology, one-pipe heating is considered not to be suitable for refurbishment.
  • A complex, virtually impossible conversion into a two-pipe system.
  • Customers complain because the savings effect they were hoping for by using modern
    heat sources does not happen.

eccolution solves the refurbishment problem in connection with an existing one-pipe system quickly, rationally and without too much effort.

Energy efficiency thanks to controller system

eccolution. The unique control system forces the one-pipe heating system to be energy-efficient.


Plus for energy efficiency

eccolution. Energy-efficient heating.

The mass flow rate is optimally adapted to the actual heat demand – also in the event of a partial load. No excess energy is wasted. The benefits of modern heat sources can be optimally utilised

eccolution. Comfortable heating.

All radiators are balanced hydraulically and supplied according to demand. This ensures optimal thermal comfort.

Plus for energy efficiency

eccolution. Heat ecologically.

It is possible to use modern condensing technology and heat pump technology

eccolution. Individual heating.

The system is adjustable individually – adapted to the user behavio

This results in total thermal energy savings

  • From approx. 14 % for heating systems with low temperature heat sources*
  • From approx. 18 % for heating systems with calorific value heat sources or heat pump technology*
  • From approx. 80 % for electricity consumption for mixing the mass flow rate in a controlled one-pipe heating circuit

Source: Study conducted at the Technical University of Aachen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hirschberg “Hydraulischer Abgleich in Einrohrkreisen – Energetische Bewertung” (hydraulic balancing in one-pipe circuits – energy-technical evaluation)

The components. Patent control technology for efficient refurbishment.
    • Uses the calorific value of oil/gas instead of just the heat value.
    • Reduces distribution losses thermally and electrically.
    • Uses heat pumps as a heat source.
    • As an option, can be connected to district heating stations.
    Kermi eccolution one-pipe valve with conical mating seat and variable bypass

    The key component of eccolution: One-pipe fittings with cone and variable bypass.

Kermi eccolution single-pipe valve connection with variable bypass (sub-construction version).

Control valve for the one-pipe loop.

Straight form, dimension DN 15.



one-pipe radiator valve with variable bypass -base version.

To replace standard valve shut-off blocks in one-pipe heating systems. Versions: Valve left and valve right, incl. covering and thermostatic sensor head.

Kermi eccolution single-pipe valve connection with variable bypass (riser version)

one-pipe radiator valve with variable bypass -riser version.

To replace standard one-pipe valves with a riser. Versions: Feed outside and return outside, incl. covering and thermostatic sensor head.

Kermi eccolution actuator for the control valve

Actuator for the control valve.

24 V, 0-10 V input signal.

Kermi eccolution setpoint controller

Setpoint controller.

Kermi eccolution adapter pieces for varying axial distances

Adapter pieces for diverging axial distances.

Set 1 for axial distance min. 40/50 mm to max. 60/50 mm. Set 2 for axial distance min. 34/50 mm to max. 66/50 mm.

Kermi eccolution contact sensor

Contact sensor.

To measure the return temperature in the second one-pipe loop.