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Get to know VIEREX

VIEREX started its operations in 1962 and since then designs, produces and distributes traffic lights and light signals of the highest quality.

VIEREX has achieved premium quality for its products using the latest technology, employing skilled personnel with expertise and potential, and investing up to 60% of its annual profit for research and development. VIEREX became one of the pioneer companies in the field and was awarded the quality assurance certification according to ISO 9002 standard.

VIEREX always produces traffic lights that comply with every country’s regulations. Usually the basic principle is to comply with the EN 12368 and DIN 67527 standards. Accredited laboratories have certified the compliance of VRX Traffic Lights to these standards.

The need for traffic lights

Who can imagine traffic without traffic lights?

Today the increased requirements for traffic safety demand traffic lights that offer much more than… light.
If you look for traffic lights that really fulfill the modern demands, you should look… closely. Traffic lights should now fulfill a number of requirements such as durability, easy maintenance, distinct signaling regardless of the sun’s position, long life expectancy, and flexible use.

What to look for in a traffic light

Red? Yellow? Green? …No, it’s not that simple.

The high quality of the traffic light depends upon:

The luminous intensity and the luminance of the signal

There are several regulations that determine the requirements for the traffic light’s luminous intensity. Generally, the light signal should be strong enough to be visible during the day but not blinding during the night. The traffic light’s optical system determines the luminous intensity of the signal depending on the elements that control the light (reflectors, refraction lenses, luminous source).

Because the sunlight’s intensity increases as we move closer to the earth’s equator, the requirements for the luminous intensity of the traffic lights vary according to their place of installation. The luminous sources used by VRX are chosen to achieve the appropriate luminous intensity of the traffic lights according to the brightness of the environment.