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New incentives in climate package

The Bundestag has given its blessing to the German government’s climate package. In the Climate Protection Programme 2030, the German government was the first government worldwide to set its national climate protection target. With the Climate Protection Programme 2030, it has grouped together laws and measures to advance climate protection, thus implementing the German Climate Protection Plan 2050. In the long term, the German government is pursuing the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. Germany would like to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 55 percent. The programme includes a package of CO2: for the energy sector, industry, buildings, transport, agriculture and forestry, land use, and waste management.

Building and living in Germany is also to become more climate-friendly, because we consume about 35 percent of our total energy within our own four walls, especially for heating and hot water. The energy supply is to be fundamentally changed: Away from nuclear and fossil fuels, towards renewable energies and more energy efficiency. From 2026 onwards, the installation of oil heating systems will no longer be permitted in buildings where a more climate-friendly heat source is possible.

With the Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings (BEG) the energy-related building funding will be newly regulated and further developed in implementation of the Climate Protection Programme 2030. This is intended to provide even stronger incentives for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies – a decisive contribution to achieving the 2030 energy and climate targets in the building sector.

Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings (BEG)

from 01.01.2021

Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – individual measures (BEG EM)

BMWi – Guidelines for Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – individual measures(BEG EM)


from 01.07.2021

Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – residential buildings (BEG WG)

BMWi – Guidelines for Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – residential buildings (BEG WG)

Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – non-residential buildings (BEG NWG)

BMWi – Guidelines for Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings – non-residential buildings (BEG NWG)

Kermi system products

Energy-efficient renovation and build with money from the state. Up to 45 % state funding is possible. Not only heat pumps, but also residential ventilation, radiators, surface temperature control systems, and control components are funded. Expenses for installation and commissioning as well as numerous expenses for necessary surrounding measures are also subsidised. The complete Kermi thermal comfort programme here offers all the components you need for an energy-efficient heating system. Therefore, benefit from the funding for all  Kermi system parts. The Kermi system provides optimal energy efficiency thanks to sophisticated interaction between all elements. The optimisation between individual components considerably increases the efficiency of the whole system even further. Each component in this system is designed to be highly efficient in its own right.

Heat pumps

Kermi x-change heat pumps generate  emission-free warmth and get their thermal energy either from the air, groundwater, or ground. This energy is sustainable, climate-neutral, and almost infinitely available. They are also very impressive with extremely efficient and quiet operation.

about heat pumps

Our tip:

Financial support is also available for  bivalent systems, for example if your  existing oil heating system remains in place to support a  new heat pump system.

Residential ventilation

Kermi x-well residential ventilation in new-builds or old buildings modernised for energy efficiency ensures there is fresh air and good thermal comfort. When combined with a heat pump, residential ventilation is eligible for financial incentives.

x-well central residential ventilation

x-well decentralised residential ventilation

Panel heating

x-net ensures pleasant thermal comfort with underfloor heating or wall heating. With the future-oriented x-net systems, Kermi is offering a network of intelligent solutions. Supplementing x-net with the appropriate optimally coordinated system components allows it to provide the best overall solution for every application situation. The right system for new-builds or renovation  – underfloor heating, wall heating, or industrial panel heating.

Panel heating


Kermi radiators combine elegant design with high energy efficiency. In this way, they bring cosy warmth into every room. Thanks to the serial flow, the patented therm-x2 steel panel radiators, for example, are ideally suited for use with low-temperature systems, i.e. perfect in combination with a heat pump.

Steel panel radiators

Design and bathroom radiators


Heating panels

Other measures eligible for funding

Assembly and installation

An important part of any heating system is professional assembly and installation. This is why it is also completely eligible for funding, including all the specialist technical work and materials required for it.

Other investment eligible for financial incentives

Depending on the system – whether new construction or modernisation – measures that are part of the installation of the heating system are also eligible for funding. This includes, for example, the deinstallation and disposal of old systems (old oil heating systems), drilling for geothermal probes, or optimising the distribution system. You can find all the information you need in the “Information sheet on eligible costs” from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).